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Curriculum Vitae


Born in Israel 1975



2018 - The Dolls' House - Solo textile installation, Periscope gallery Tel-Aviv. Curator: Sari Paran. 

2016 - Cindyrella - Joint exhibition with Naomi Tannhouser, Barbur galery - Jerusalem. 

           Curator: Pesach Slabosky


2015 – Homage to the Red Sea, Group exhibition in Janco-Dada museum, Ein Hod, Israel.


2015 – "Being Worthy – past, present and future", the gallery at Kibbutz Beeri, Israel.

            Curator: Ziva Yalin.


2015 – "The queen came to the king" (inspired by a poem of Nurit Zarchi), textile Installation at Zadik

            gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Hana Coman.


2014 –"Sewing Biography" during Woven Consciousness Contemporary Textile in Israel, Eretz

            Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Irena Gordon.


2012-2013 – "Red Child": Installation, Beit Kanner, City Art Gallery of Rishon LeZion, Israel.

                      Curator: Efi Gen


2011 – "The Silent Kingdom": Performance installation, Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

            Curator: Yael Keiny


2010 – Bed room installation, Private bed room, Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Israel.


2009 – Live Art Action: “Angels and Warriors” – A Live Art Action of Remembrance, Tobias,  

            School of Art & Therapy, UK.


2008 –  Performance in Warsaw, Poland, in the center for contemporary art during a performance

             festival “EPAF”. Curator: Johaness Deimling.


2007 - Performance in an international performance festival in Poland, Menifesto.


2007 – Leftovers – performance installation, Jaffa.


2007 – Performance installation in Na’ara Festival, Bat-Yam.


2007 – Performance-Installation in Kibbutz Beeri Gallery. Curator: Ziva Yalin.


2006 – Performance in an Art Festival “Estudio Abierto” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2006 –  “Don’t Worry be Jewish” (Salam Diab) “Exhibition & performance in The City Gallery    

             of Kiel, Germany. Curators: Anke Muffelmann & Ulrich Horstmann.


2006 – “Blind Stomach” a performance installation, “Hamaabada”, Jerusalem, Israel.

            Curators: Salamanca.


2006 – “Am I a Murderer?” Performance, Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv.


2006 –Exhibition in Jullie M. Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.


2006 – Performance in a live art festival :”Castle of Imagination”, Broellin – Germany & Sczcecin  

         – Poland. Curator: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak.


2006 – Exhibition and performance in Jyvaskyla & Saarijarvi Museum of Art, Finland.

            Curator: Kari Kotilainen.


2006 – “peace of Art” An art symposium in Ammersberg, Germany.


2006 – Video Performance: Makor Gallery, N.Y. ,U.S.A.

            Curators: Danna Taggar & Ofri Knaani.


2005 – Performance Installation: “Mikraot – Israel”, the 5th international biennale for performance art in

            Tel Aviv. Kalisher Gallery. Curator: Sergio Edelstein.


2005 – Performance & video in the exhibition: “Three Cities Against the Wall”, Ramallah, N.Y,  

            Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ronen Eidelman.


2005 – Performance and exhibition in Karlskrona Konsthall, Sweden.

            Curator: Torun Ekstrand.


2005 – “Sewing Daughters”: Performance Installation, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.

            Curator: Tali Tamir.



2004 – Performance in a live Art Festival: “Private Impact”, Berlin, Germany & Sczcecin , Poland.  

           Curator: Antoni Karwowski.


2004-  “Women in Black”, Political Performance, “Haaretz Art Festival” Riding, Tel-Aviv.  

            Curator: Ruti Director.


2004-  “Fire!”, Performance in “Time for Art Gallery”, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Gidon Ofrat.


2004-  ‘”Dusza”, (‘Soul’), International  Performance Festival ‘Castle of Imagination’, Poland.

            Curator: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak.


2004 – “Wall”, Performance, A Protest Event Against the Separation Wall With The Organization  

            ‘Artists Without Walls’


2003-  “Fairies”, Performance, Jaffa-Tel-Aviv Coast, The 4th Biennale for Performance Art in  

            Israel. Curator: Sergio Edelsztein


2003-  “Forbidden Hearts”, Performance, Rotchild Street, Tel-Aviv, Openning season of Galleries  



2003 – “Soldiers”, Solo Exhibition in Museum Janco Dada, Ein-Hod. Curator: Ra'ya Zomer.


2003- “Blind Cooker”, Performance, The Jerusalem Chan for Theater & Art. Curator: Hadas  



2003 –“ Home” an exhibition in my own living space, Tel Aviv.


2003 - ”Flag”, performance – Jaffa Beach, Within event of Woman organization for peace, Israel.


2003 - “May 15, 1948”, Installation which includes Subhi Subiedi’s El Naqba film (Palestinian artist),  

           Sergey Yard, Jerusalem, Israel. Curators: Salamanca.


2003 - “Sleeping Valley”, Political Installation and Performance, Tivon Gallery Curator: Esti Reshef.


2003-  “Israel”, Performance, The Underground Prisoners Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

            Curators: Salamanca.


2003 – “Soul”, Performance, HaKibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Tali Tamir


2002 - “Abiyad” - The Last Speech of Rabin, Performance, Um-El-Fahem Gallery, Um-El-Fahem

           (Arab Village)


2002 - Performance, Zomer Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


2002-  “Forbidden Hearts”, Performance, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.


2001-  “Bride 2001” ,The Third international Performance Biennale , Kibbutz Nachshon. Curator:

           Sergio Edelstein.


2001- “Dizengoff 147”, Performance and Exhibition, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.


2001 - ”Acre Bride”, Multimedia Happening with Palestinians & Israeli Artists. Acre Festival, Acre.


2000 - “Queen of Seven Hearts”, Interdisciplinary Arena, Jerusalem, Israel.





2013 Grant by Center for Experimental Theater for the installation “Red child”.


2011 Support from Tel-Aviv Municipality Arts Council for The performance installation The Silent



2011 award from Havatzelet – The foundation for creativity encouragement.


2005 Support from Tel-Aviv Municipality Arts Council for performance & video performance  

         “Fire!”, in the exhibition: Three Cities against the Wall”.


2005 Grant by Center for Experimental Theater for performance - installation” Mikraot Israel”.


2005 Grant by Rabinovich Foundation for performance-installation “Tafur Babeten”.


2004 Grant by Center for Experimental Theater for performance – installation “Fire!”


2004 Grant by Rabinovich Foundation for performance-installation “Fire!”.


2004 ‘Artist – Teacher’ Award, The Ministry of Culture and Education.


2004 Won the Pais award for the performance “Soul” in Poland.


2003 Grant by Center for Experimental Theater for the installation “Home.”


2003 Support fromTel-Aviv Municipality Arts Council for performance “Soul”.


2002 Winner of America Israel Cultural Foundation.


2001 Winner of America Israel Cultural Foundation.


2001 Grant by Center for Experimental Theater for “Acre Bride”, multimedia performance.


2000 Winner of Israel Fund for Promotion of Interdisciplinary Art.


2000 Winner of the Mayor of Jerusalem Award.







2007-2009 – Tobias School of Art & Therapy, UK.


2006 – 2007 Anthroposophic Art Therapy training with Tirza Aman, Jerusalem.


1997-2000 School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem (graduated with an award).


1996-1997 Bezalel, Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem.



Work experience with children (in Art) :


2007 – Freelance art workshops for children between the ages 3.5 – 11, in Tel Aviv.


2005 – Art teacher in “Masar” School (for Arabic children) 6th & 7th Grade.


2003-2006 – Working in an Anthroposophic Kindergarden.


2004 – “Artist Teacher” Project in an High-School in Gan Yavne.


2004 – Art Guide in Ramat Hasharon City Gallery.


2004 – Art Guide in Nes Tziona City Gallery.


2004 – Art Guide in Bat-Yam Museum of Art.


2002 –2004 – Working with children in art & having an art studio in “Hayarden” School, Tel-Aviv.


2002 – Art Guide & Teacher in “Gallery 16” Tel-Aviv.


2001 – Art Guide in Ramat Gan Museum of Art.


2000 – Art Teacher in the Arab – Jewish communication center. 

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